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Targeted audience

Find your audience by choosing their age, gender and location

Go worldwide

Show your personality to millions of people by sharing pictures, videos and thoughts

Easy to use

Create a post, choose your audience, and monitor your success

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Nobius brings business and entertainment together.

• We want to give individuals and businesses the tools to show themselves to the world. So, we created Nobius to give people the power to compete on the global stage.

• With the tools of social media, individuals and small businesses can communicate with the world. And, even better, your advertising costs will decrease as your profits increase.

• We also want to make spending time on social media worthwhile. Send your pictures, videos and thoughts to a massive audience, without spending any money. Anyone can be a star here.



‘Energy’ is basically the in-App bonus system of Nobius. You will need some Energy to create your posts, but you can easily earn it by viewing other people's posts, videos, photos, etc.


Unlike on other social media networks, on Nobius you are truly free. You can set age, gender and location of the audience who will see your posts. This opens wide opportunities combined with the free in-built Statistics tool which will let you track the success of each post.

Guaranteed audience

Since users gain Energy by viewing posts, you don't need to be a celebrity to reach a huge audience. No more need to spend money promoting yourself or your brand.


Get instant and precise feedback on the success of your posts. You can track how many views you're getting using our simple graphs.

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About App Nobius
Welcome to social media network Nobius!

This app will help you win back what was once taken away from you - the ability to communicate with large groups of people directly and for free. No one should capitalize on your products and creativity. This is why Nobius gives truly equal rights to all participants, regardless of the size of their income or how famous they are.

What you get with Nobius

In social network Nobius you can target the auditory by setting gender, age, interests and even location of your potential in-app friends. The overall app design is very minimalistic and convenient. Millions of like­minders will soon be available to you with just a flick of a switch, from a street racer in Los Angeles to a sushi chef in Tokyo and a crossfit instructor somewhere in Europe.

But there is more. Since information is one of important keys to your success, Nobius has a free in-built Statistics tool. With its help you can receive almost instant feedback on your posts' success. Nobius Statistics is easy to use and it can prove really helpful in building your faithful fans community. Anyone can do that!

How Nobius works

After joining Nobius you will receive a certain amount of what we call the ‘Energy’. Its current amount is always displayed on the App’s home screen, to the right of your profile photo. You will receive some Energy bonus each time you see updates of other Nobius users, check their photos, watch their videos and so on. Why do you need the Energy? Well, you will use some of it when creating posts of your own. Energy can be easily earned if you simply stay active in the app. So keep on sharing pictures and videos, links and thoughts with the big audience, view posts, earn Energy and watch others do the same. Try it, it's fun!

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